Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary Peep

Peep has lived with us for one year as of June 9th. By joining our family, she has added a new element of silliness and joy for which we are so grateful.

We start our day with her chirping or sometimes sitting on my shoulder while I sleep. When I am really lucky, she cuddles in my hand or robe. Allowing me to experience warm fuzzies from her. She loves our morning routines, comes in the bathroom to sit while we brush our teeth, bathe and preen for the day. Sometimes she helps style our hair too.

Days are punctuated by flybys and visits from her. Regardless of our activities, she lands, investigates and joins into our lives. This can be sitting on my keyboard while I type, mooching food, or inspecting Alden, our new baby. She had designs on his bellybutton stump, but has since forgotten about it now that it has fallen off.

Peep goes to bed earlier than her people do. She fluffs up those feathers and puts her head under her wing. She grumbles and bangs on her toys when we interrupt her tranquility at night.

Our first year with Peep has been wonderful, I hope for many more "typical" days with my friend.

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